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The Atlantic

by David Michaels 

July 18, 2023

This summer, the climate crisis has brought intense heat and toxic wildfire smoke to much of the country. These conditions are a threat to us all, but they are particularly lethal to those who work outside, in the nation's fields or construction sites, and even to some who work indoors.

I led the Occupational Safety and Health Administration under Obama, and I understand why it hasn't stepped up to address the threat of climate change. 


Los Angeles Times

by David Michaels

August 16, 2019​


At the height of World War II, as Adolf Hitler was presiding over the mass murder of Europe’s Jews, President Franklin D. Roosevelt kept our borders closed. Informed of the ongoing slaughter, he decided to permit only a thousand refugees entrance to America and allowed them to remain here only until the war ended. I grew up with two families: a traditional one, and the one we called our “Oswego family,” these refugees and their partners and children. . . . 



by David Michaels and Susan Anenberg 

June 28, 2023

At every stage of the pandemic, a disproportionate number of coronavirus infections have been traced to a relatively small number of gatherings, also known as superspreader events. The recent Gridiron dinner, after which over 70 people tested positive, including members of the Biden administration, is just the latest example. Some public health experts argue that tolerating these events is what living with Covid looks like. As far as we know, no one who tested positive after the Gridiron dinner became severely ill, but we don’t know if these cases also spread to workers and beyond. There’s little reason to accept this as a new normal.


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